Art & Design Qualifications

Encouraging Creativity

Our art and design courses are ideal for learners looking to develop understanding of art and design concepts and materials. The CWP Art & Design department is responsible for the design and production of various materials and products. Learners explore traditional art methods as well as digital production using software such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Qualifications & Learning

Students follow a work-based, hands-on learning route, tailored to individual needs and learning styles.

There are no formal entry requirements and qualifications offered are as follows:

NCFE Level 1 Qualifications
  • Award in creative craft using Art & Design
  • Certificate using Art & Design
  • Award in Graphic Design
  • Certificate in Creative Studies: Craft
  • Certificate in Creative Studies: Graphic Design
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Art & Design


Suitable for students
14 and above

Learning Opportunities 

Whilst on the programme there are opportunities to investigate sources of ideas in art and design, explore and use various materials and techniques, build a portfolio of work, and explore 2D and 3D visual communication.

Additionally, learners will learn about the art and design industry and employment opportunities.

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