Film & TV Qualifications

CWP Film & TV

Our film and TV courses are ideal for people interested in the film and TV industry. CWP has it's own Film & TV Department which is responsible for the creation of original films and live TV shows that take place throughout the year. Learners are responsible for all of the audio-visual productions including short films and documentaries, vox pops, photography, animation and graphics. Learners may get involved in all aspect of this process ranging from writing scripts and storyboards to the filming and editing of the final product.

Qualifications & Learning

Students follow a work-based, hands-on learning route, tailored to individual needs and learning styles.

There are no formal entry requirements and qualifications offered are as follows:

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Film & TV


Suitable for students
14 and above

NCFE Level 1 Certificate In Interactive Media

Learners will have an opportunity to gain and develop knowledge and skills in producing moving images and an understanding of emerging digital technology. It will also introduce learners to the skills, knowledge and qualities needed in the interactive media sector.

Learners will know about:
  • Software packages &¬†basic interactive media environments
  • Design briefs
They will develop skills in:
  • Using digital technology safely & competently
  • Communication
  • Independent working
  • Responding to a design brief
  • Positive attitude to work
  • Personal manners & deportment
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NCFE Level 2 Certificate In Creative Studies: Interactive Media

This qualification is ideal for learners who have a basic understanding of the techniques and processes used in the sector, and would like to develop their skills and knowledge further in aspects of interactive media, including interactive media environments and design.

It focuses on an applied study of the interactive media sector and learners will also gain a broad understanding and knowledge of working in the sector. It is appropriate for learners who are motivated and challenged by learning through hands-on experiences and through content which is concrete and related directly to those experiences. Each learner will create a portfolio containing work published throughout the course.

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