Music Qualifications

Music Technology

Our music courses are ideal for people interested in the music industry. CWP has it's own music department which is responsible for the creation of original music for the numerous films and vox pops that the organisation produces. This also includes live music performance within the TV show production. Students can get involved in all aspects of the musical production process, be that writing and performing your own song or working behind the scenes as a producer.

Qualifications & Learning

Students follow a work-based, hands-on learning route, tailored to individual needs and learning styles.

CWP offer a number of qualifications that learners can choose from:

NCFE Level 1 Award in Music Technology
NCFE Level 2 Award in Music Technology
NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Music Technology
NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Music Technology

These qualifications are designed for learners interested in music, music technology and sound recording processes. You do not need experience of singing or playing instruments and there are no formal entry requirements.

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Music Technology 


Suitable for students
14 and above

Music Technology

These qualifications provide an introduction to both the technical and performance attributes of music technology. Learners will have an opportunity to boost their creativity and technical skills whilst learning how to use the equipment and software in our recording studio whilst at the same time producing their very own recordings.

Learners will develop skills in:
  • ICT
  • Communication
  • Team working
  • Time management
  • Project management
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Performance in Music

These qualifications also offer the opportunity to learn performance skills using one of the variety of optional activities such as drama, dance, music, stand-up comedy etc. The aim being to help learners acquire and develop fundamental practical skills in relation to the performance industry.

Through live events at our centre learners will have an opportunity to prepare and present performing arts work, learn how to promote performing arts events, explore some of the design skills for performing arts, explore technical support for stage performance as well as learn about employment in performing arts industry.

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